Who is the most popular team in the EPL?

Man U may be top of the premiership but which team is the most talked about on the Internet? Chelsea might have recently lost in the UEFA Champion’s League, but just how many people are interested in this? Carlos Tevez proving his worth for Man U? Check to see if anyone’s been searching for the latest football gossip on any particular team.

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English Premier League News

Footballer gambles away £1 million
Friday, October 1Wednesday, September 29
Footballers are notorious for getting themselves into gambling debts - who can forget Michael Owen's confession that he blew close to £40,000 at an online casino!? Now there is a larger allegation that a well-known footballer (yet to be named) recently lost approximately £1 million at a combination of gambling at a Spanish casino en linea and horse racing punts. Footballers should stick to what they do best on the playing field and stay away from the bookies and casino online games.

UEFA Continue Vendetta Against Common Sense
Friday, October 1Wednesday, September 29
Well, they’re nothing if not consistent in their eternal battle against football and common sense. For today, UEFA threw out Man Utd’s appeal that Darren Fletcher’s ridiculous red card be rescinded. And what reason did they give for not overturning the red card? That’s right, because Man Utd didn’t appeal within the twenty-four hour period [...]

Online Casino Giant looking to Sponsor The Red Devils?
Friday, October 1Wednesday, September 29
There has been some reports coming out of Old Trafford, that have led us to believe that Manchester United Football Club is considering an offer by online casino giant Casino Classic of over €1.8 million to take an ad placement on the front of the jersey. This is in light of a recent offer by French casino en ligne Golden Tiger Casino for a spot on the rear of the jersey. They are both good casinos but it is rumoured that Golden Tiger offer a better range of jeux casino en ligne [...]

Just Four Points Needed (Highlights Included)
Friday, October 1Wednesday, September 29
Man United and Man City met at Old Trafford today in what was a clash of two in-form sides. It was expected to be a fairly tight, hotly contested affair with little margin for error. It turned out quite different, in a match in which Carlos Tevez made a huge statement towards Alex Ferguson regarding [...]

Ballack unable to play at Worldcup
Friday, October 1Wednesday, September 29
Michael Ballack will not be able to play for the German team at the Worldcup due to an ankle injury he suffered at the FA Cup final. He will still be going to South Africa though, sponsoring and organizing many different fundraising events including a German night for his fellow team mates, special guests and the press where the guests will be able to play high-quality German online casino games and enjoy German beer and other culinary delights[...]

Major brands start bidding war for sponsorship
Friday, October 1Wednesday, September 29
This week marks the start of the sponsorship window with major brands and corporation bidding to gain valuable exposure and recognition of being associated with a French Premier League team. French casino en ligne Casino Action, has been rumoured to be in talks with Lyon about their casino gratuit, whilst French bank Caisse D'epargne is talking with Marseille. There has been rumour and speculation that the Swedish arm of online casino, Casino Action is following suit of their larger French brother and trying for a Swedish League sponsorship [...]

World Cup Soccer Fever is Here
Friday, October 1Wednesday, September 29
With the most celebrated event in world soccer just around the corner, everyone is talking about the incredible World Cup $750,000 Giveaway brought to you by Casino Rewards. Dubbed as one of the biggest online casino promotions in history the offer consists of an incredible $750,000 bonus giveaway available to all players, as well as Lifestyle Upgrade prize worth up to $10,000! If you're not interested in the soccer, you can turn your attention to the opportunity to win a 3D LED TV or a brand new white goods package. With these sort of rewards combined with the online casino games, everyone will have soccer fever! [...]